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I invite you to join me at our unique Village Breakfasts which are themed around the Active Business Lifestyler. These breakfast get togethers are casual and informal yet focused.

    1. I interview and get along side some pretty interesting people who will challenge your thinking on more than one level.
    2. Listen, Learn, Build Useful relationships, and contribute your knowledge or challenges – These are the foundations of the “Get Togethers”  This is not a networking or Selling venue – leave all that at the door
    3. This is Invite only – 20 seats per breakfast

Text your details or fill out the form below and I will add you to  the updates on upcoming events. – We only send you upcoming event/breakfast info.

Regards Steve



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Its been a colourful journey and comprehensive fusion of Entrepreneurial and business aspirations and an expected healthy lifestyle.

Significant highs and lows that have taught me much and the one thing stands above all else, there is only one finish line in life,  and that lays beyond my last breath  – NOT before …

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CCA Interview

Steve Holmes the Patient

Take a look at the recent interview with CCA Australasia.
I am one of just 3 metastatic Patients globally to overcome Cholangiocarcinoma – a cancer of the bile duct connecting my Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Duodenum and Gallbladder … I am the success attributed to Merck’s immunotherapy agent – Keytruda. I now write and share lifesaving information to others who face months to weeks of survival.

CCA Interview